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Whaling boats at Hermanus old harbour

More whaling boats

Hello friends,

Its a lovely warm South African day, though the rainy season is starting, it rained about 50% of yesterday, and the weather is getting quite cold at night. With no central heating, and down to 0 or even -5 at the worst, on can get horrible cramps in the legs. Thank goodness for hot water bottles!

I'm getting my broken parking light fixed at cost, by the kind young man who sold me my car, and he has offered me the use of his cottage for a week in Hermanus in exchange for a painting of scenery there. A great chance to get pics of more ocean scenes! My nephew Joel is still there, doing a 3rd job. He's trying this out and if it doesn’t work out, I can bring him back up here, to Durbanville.

I found a sturdy wooden sleeper couch, as they call them here, second hand for about R100. It was partly painted white so I am busy stripping it and cleaned the foam mattress and cover. It will be good for Joel to sleep on. I saw Daniel in the supermarket here. He's planning to fly to Maritiaus, (a beautiful island), to write an exam needed to get a work permit.

The son of the friends I stayed with who own the B&B Cape Cottage, his name is Nick Thomson, has just written his final exams for accounting. He is hoping to come to Canada, Ontario to live and work a while; if he can.

If any of you ca help him find a job,

his cell phone # is:0844432915

and his email

I went down to the farm at Gordon’s Bay on Wednesday, to see my Dad. The friend of theirs, Freida Ross, died there a few weeks ago and they've stayed to help get the estate fixed up.) Dad's looking very well, and now prefers to walk without a cane, unless he feels dizzy. He was very happy with the 12 illustrations I drew for him, and may make the tract as a little book. His 90th birthday falls on the 13 May, and I had hoped to do a special tea for him, but Margaret says that they would prefer us all to come to the farm, and save money! Someone is making a nice cake for me to take. It will probably be on the weekend before or after, because of work. I don’t know if Val and family will be able to come, it’s a long way from Bloemfontein.

I'm working deals with a gallery near here and getting other art framed to show. About Hermanus, a lot of whales used to be killed there, dragged up onto the whaling floor. I think this makes an interesting subject; maybe also for those who want to protect the animals.

I hear I'm going to get a good tax return which will definitely help my plan to stay to December! Hope it’s as much as Jean is saying. We'll see how much when it comes.

I may be traveling up to the old homestead at Tylden, where my great-grandfather had a hotel, and then Dad had a mission station. I plan to do some of the driving for them. I had planned to drive up in my car with Daniel. Will also go on to see relatives in East London, but don't know when this will all happen yet.

Well, I have to go again. Please write if you can.

Love, Ruth

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