Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Johnny's Juice and Jerk Joint

Brian drinking mora juice at Johnny's

Baby in hammock. Looks like it's caught in a spiders web.

Cocoa fruit

Cocoa beans still in the fruit.

Crushing the beans to remove the shell.

Salivating for the finished product.

Hello Again,

After our earlier entry we wanted to get some mora juice (which is raspberry juice)and we ended up at Johnny's Juice and Jerk Joint.

This was an outdoor corner little joint with a barbeque on the street. The mora juice was great and the service excellent and very friendly.

Then we went to the bakery Pan Pay for some pastries. Father was serving us when his appr. 8 year old daughter came by to say goodbye to him before going to school. He gave her a kiss, a pastry, and then another one when she asked for a specific one.

A touching example of the casual openness around here. The pastries were great by the way. We ate them when we sat on our porch a little later on.

A little further down the street we saw a baby hanging in what looked like a mini hammock in front of a ladies clothing store. S/He was bouncing up and down like a jolly jumper and then fell asleep. We asked the woman managing the store if we could take a picture. She said fine and gave us her email address so we could send her the pictures - which we just did.

Just a neat little intermezzo.

At 2pm we drove by taxi to the cocoa plantation (5 km. in fifteen min.) where we got a very interesting tour through the plantation. We saw the trees with the cocoa fruit

and tasted the raw beans - quite sweet. We saw the process of making chocolate from beginning to end, from harvest to finished product.

At the end we got to taste the handcrafted organic chocolate. Needless to say it was delicious!!!

All of us bought several chocolate bars! An afternoon well spent!

Back to the cabina for a shower. I said a last goodbye to the Carribbean Sea and the crab colony and then it was time for dinner.

A family restaurant with little children running around in pyjamas.

Tomorrow morning we have to be ready at 7am to go by bus and then a 4hr boat ride to Tortuguero.

We may have limited access for the next few days because we are going into the remote rainforest jungle where there is no electricity.

So long,

Eke and Brian.

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