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Bon had a rough nite...she'd been developing a sore throat but then got stomach cramps & a fever so took 4 Malarone(for malaria). This caused more stomach problems eventually cuasing her to throw up. Since the worst type of malaria mosquito is 90% of those in the last 3 countries, I was very concerned. By morning at 6:30 Bon was very very tired, her glands were swollen and I felt doubtful that we could leave Botswana w/o getting her to a doc first. Uncle George(taxi driver) was on time at 7:30 and he expressed concern as well. As it turned out there was a private clinic right next door so we opted to go. The nurse/doc came at 8 so Bon was right in to get blood test for malaria...she tested negative for all 3 types, phew! Bon thought all along it was not malaria but it put my mind at ease. After the exam the nurse determined to treat her sore throat & gland infection, giving her anti inflamatory & antibiotic intravenously. She prescribed & provided us with new pain medication(which would not upset her stomach)for her hip, an antiacid, antibiotic pills, and anti inflamatory spray for her throat. Bon was a bit shocked at the $130 US price tag but I was relieved and thought it a good deal.

We were on the road by 9 to the border, Uncle Geo took us all the way to the ferry crossing so no 2 km walk from Botswana customs! After crossing by ferry and easy walk through immigration back into Zambia plus a taxi to the Intercape Mainliner bus stop, Bon was very tired but didn't seem to be getting worse. Arriving there at 11:15 still allowed Mari to go to the museum especially since the bus did not arrive until half hour later.

Once on the dbl decker bus we found it had narrow seats and very little leg room, plus the gal in front of Bon had her seat pushed all the way back. Consequently, she got little rest and no real sleep. We had called the day before to Mousebird Backpackers for a pick up on arrival but the bus which was supposed to get to Tsumeb at half past midnight didn't get into town til 3:30 am. In the dark, they had to unload almost all the baggage because they couldn't find Bons pack. By the time it was located everyone had left and we settled down in front of the Celtel office doors out of the cold wind to wait until dawn.

The taxi drivers on both sides of the border(Botswana/Zambia) expressed uniform disgust with Mugabe as do every person we've talked w/. Zimbabwe has caused much chaos in neighboring countries dut to the # of refugees and their impact on local communities. This border where the Zambezi River divides the countries is the only one in the southern hemisphere where 4 countries come together(Zambia,Zimbabwe,Botswana,&Namibia) all come together! In Zambia next to the highway by the border a huge tract of land was recently purchased and developed by a white Zimbabwian who was forced to leave his country and thus set up his business in Zambia w/in the past year. Huge wheeled irrigation system set-up, growing bananas, corn, & wheat so far, at least a plus for Zambia.

Also, on both sides of the border(ferry crossing) are long lines of freight hauling trucks waiting to cross both directions. The ferries(2) can only accomodate one truck each time so according to the taxi drivers it can be a two week wait. We spoke to one driver who said he was lucky this time and only waited 3 days. Since they are in a que they must stay with their vehicle and move it up in the procession or lose their place...I counted over 100 tractor trailer rigs just on one side and there were at least as many on the other side. Plans are to build a bridge but our Botswana driver said the Zambian govt is dragging its feet because they are collecting huge $$$ crossing fees!!

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