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Winshield guard for Blacky

Wire guards for headlights

guards on parking lights

guards for air tunnels

Your's truly, bullet proofing the Dough-Boy

Metal guard for the Battery Bank

Repacking the front wheel bearings

Good morning from the Gimped Up, Stoved Up and just about Used Up Ole Gumpster. Been busy bullet proofing the Dough-Boy for our trip to Alaska later this Spring. I'm also upgrading the suspension, I'm replacing the wimpy shocks with heavy duty Bilstein shocks and I'm also adding a Roadmaster 1 5/8 front sway bar to replace the stock 1 1/4 bar.

As you can see from the photos I've put wire guards on the lights and the air tunnels and behind the grill. I read a lot about the windshields on toads getting chipped and broken so Steve and I designed a cover for the windshield on the Jeep. It's a piece of 1/4 inch particle board and we covered it with rubberized undercoating to protect it from the elements.

I also change the engine oil and did a lube job on the chassis. As I'm lying and crawling around on the ground, I was thinking to myself, for my age and condition I should be down at the local Mickey D'S with the rest of the retirees drinking coffee and talking about the good old day's. NO sir that Ain't going to happen, I'm a hands on kinda guy. I'd rather Bitch and Moan and know the work got done to my satisfaction instead of paying to have it done and get ripped off.

I have stopped by to visit with a couple of buddy's since we've been back and we are going to hook up with a few others as well. We are looking to get back on the road by the twenty sixth of the month if all the parts get here and I can get everything installed.

Jane's still struggling with her knee, she keeps walking to keep it limber but it looks like she may have to go see the Doc again. She's going today to spend a couple day's with our youngest grandson Hunter, so she won't have time to think about her knee or the old wood tick. I'm taking the day off myself to drink a beer and lick my wounds until the new parts get here.

That's it friends, keep on top of your game Safety, Manners, Coffee and a beer if you are of that persuasion. Gummy.......OUT



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