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Hello Friends,

First entry, and we are at Youth Hostel in Perugia. No photos as there is nousb plug on this computer. We had an uneventful flight, although we had a layover n Denver with Liz's brother Ross and his family and theywere, as usual, great.

Arrived Rome, met by our host William at the airport and wisked awayin a MINISCULE car- tandem and all - to our B&B in Fregene. We spent two days there while we sorted stuff out and sent the bike case to Holland. Ended up sending it via Italian Postal Service. Largest package they had ever sent, judging from their reaction, but off it went.

Headed out day one, pointed North. Rome and its surrounds of course are not cycle friendly. We went north and ended up day one at Lago di Vico, with its Natural campground. Beautiful lake, WINDY, and horses straying that tried to eat our tent, but ended up taking a bite from our packtowel. We learned day one that Italian campgrounds typically do not have TP, papertowels or tables at the campsites! Rude awakening. Also, the stove tha we had taken so much care in selcting - no fuel was available! We'll learn.

Day two dawned bright. First climb out of Vico took us up a 24% grade! We walked that stretch. Lots of ascent and descent, which brought us to Lago Bolsena, a beautiful site on a beautiul lak. We realized then that jetlag was rearing its ugly head and we decided to take a day off and cach up. Good plan. After a day of lolling sbout we felt good and ready to go. This morning we set off on wht was expected to be a daunting ride towards Perugia. We picked a route thatwe thought would follow the river valleys instead of the mountain peaks, and it worked beautifully. We covered 100 km fully loaded (and we are loaded!) feeling good. Afer getting good and lost in Perugia we are setting in for the evening. Tomorrow our goal is San Sepolcro-a relatively short ride, but we have time and want to smell the flowers on our way to the coast. Some ggod hills stnd in our way, as well!

Wildflowers are OUTSTANDING this time of year. Huge fields of poppies and all kinds of things we can't idenify. No rain...yet, highclouds and humidity all of the time - pretty perfect weather!

Till next time,


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