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Crazy tuk-tuks. That'll blow your hair back, and give ya some white...

Elephant art, pretty impressive.

I bet that elephant was wishing for some Thai sized tourists. Poor...

As close as I got to driving, to bad we didn't move...

River rafting, more like a slow float.

Cute but grumpy

Long necks!!

Spleunking with my pa.

Photo op in the Chaing Dao caves.

March 19

Thankfully, dad slept peacefully through the night, and I’d didn’t get the opportunity to try my voodoo medicine. I’ll have to save it for some poor sod whom I meet on the road. We had a sinfully delicious breakfast and started the final leg of our journey to Chiang Mai. As usual, it was fruitless to try and figure out the bus schedule, so we headed to the bus station to wait. Five minutes later we were on our way, and six long hours later we’d arrived.

Yet again, I hadn’t arranged for a place to stay, and the two places I’d hoped for were full. We settled on a slightly less than perfect hotel and succumbed to our burning thirst, mixed with a little food. Tonight was my night to be a glutton, and I happily finished every bottle placed in front of me. Our first stop was at a nearby restaurant, and then we moved to the swanky riverside restaurant/bars. They had good live bands and good service, which was a recipe for a nasty hangover. For me at least, dad had managed to remain sensible and leave most of the booze to me. At some unknown hour in the morning we somehow made our way back to the hotel, and dad made sure I made it into my room before hitting the sheets.

March 20 Chiang Mai

Another frickin hangover. Dad felt fine, but I was useless, and we had to change hotels. I made a phone call and we packed our bags, again. When we got to the hotel it turned into a bit of a fiasco. Apparently they only had rooms for one night, so either we’d have to change hotels again, or keep looking. Being tired, experiencing various degrees of a hangover and in serious need of breakfast made up our minds. I’d deal with it in the morning.

I’m not quite sure how we spent the rest of the day, probably quietly and eating. I’m pretty sure that’s the day I walked to 7-11 and wiped out on the way back, gashing my knee and adding to my state of disrepair. Other than that, it’s a blur. Most likely, we did our first tour of the night market and had dinner in the seafood market. Whatever it was, I didn’t take any pictures so it’s undocumented, and a clear picture is not available in my memory.

March 21

Time to change hotels again, hopefully for the last time. This was turning into a bad habit, and I felt bad because I wasn’t doing a very good job at being a tour guide. I asked the ladies at the desk for some recommendations and set out on foot. I found a nice hotel for dad just across the bridge offering our favorite free buffet breakfast, and left my accommodations for later in the day. Once that was all sorted, it was too late in the day for any great adventures. It was damn hot, and we’d seen enough temples for the rest of the trip. Other than shopping and pagodas, most of the attractions lie in the area surrounding Chiang Mai, so we leisurely passed the day, taking in an incredibly divine Middle Eastern meal and seeking out the A/C.

That evening I was starting to feel guilty for being so lazy, and we were going to run out of time before we knew it, so we booked a day tour for the morning.

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