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Dough-Boy's New Parking Spot

View Out The Windshield

View out The Back Window

Norton Peabody...AKA Steve My Son-in-law

Norton hooking up the Fog Light's Wiring

We arrived at our daughter Shelly and son-in-law Steve's house Wednesday around noon after an east drive up from Winchester Va. It's good to get back and see the gang, in two day's we have seen everyone except our son Chris and he will be here tomorrow.

Here in the mountain's of West Virginia where Shelly and Steve live it's beautiful, with great views all around. You could set on their back deck all day long enjoying the view down into Great Oak Valley and New Creek Drive.

I jumped in to getting thinks done that needed my attention right away. I will be doing a few thing's to the motor home along with my son-in-law. I stopped by our daughter Beth's house and got both of her lawn mowers running for her and helped her finish taking down an old fence.

I stopped to see my old friend and fellow car nut Bob and his wife Shirley said he was in the hospital and had been there since Monday. So I stopped by to check on him and see how things were going. He said that he had Diverticulitis and that he was feeling a little better and was hoping to be out in a couple of day's. He did get out the next day but it will be a couple more weeks before he's back in the Pink.

Steve and I installed a set of Fog Lights on the Dough-Boy yesterday and I will be fabricating a new shield to place in front of the batteries to keep rock from flying up and hitting them. I have a hydraulic jack that is leaking and I may take it off and have a new seal installed in it.

I also ordered a new chair for the Dough-Boy from an Amish gentleman from Topeka Indiana. While we were in Florida I sat in one of these chair's and I liked it very much. It's called a Classic Cruiser, it's a glider, recliner and swivels. Jeff and BettyAnn friends from Ohio have one in their Class A and it is very comfortable.

The name of the company that makes the chair is Lambright Comfort Chairs and they are located in Topeka IN. They don't have a web site but if you call this # 260-768-4820 and ask for a brochure Mr.Lambright will send you one. Well today is going to be another full day so I best get that second cup of Joe and get cracking.

Now remember, just because I'm not out on the road and could drop in on any one of you at any given moment, that's no reason to get sloppy on the drill of keeping ourselves safe and above all getting lacks on the Manners. I'll see ya all back here in a couple day's and we'll see what has turned up or over. Gummy.....OUT



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