Robyn Gettin Down in Asia Town 2007! travel blog

Wicked Sail Boats, they belong in Waterworld

Stinkin Dried fish Anyone? How about 1000 of them

Nasty little town, and I got stuck there for an extra night. Everybody I talked to got a bad vibe from Sittwe, and couldn’t wait to leave. I’ve never seen beggars that bad. Those kids could see you for at least 3 blocks, attack, and not let up. By the time I left, I dreaded having to walk down the street. There was nowhere to hide, and no way to get away from them.

I was the only tourist that wanted to go that morning, so I would have had to the hire the boat myself. I’d just blown my budget on a plane ticket, and couldn’t afford to do it again. By the next morning a couple more tourists had shown up and we were on our way.

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