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Our boat, with loading dock.

The Movie

Seven hours to a little village called Simbo. Being foreigners, we had to pay extra for the same tiny seats as everyone else. After 2 minutes my knees were killing me and I went searching for an alternative. At the front of the boat are private “cabins” that you have to reserve in advance. One had three ladies in it, so I put on my sweetest smile and asked if we could join them. They eagerly said yes, we eagerly jumped in, and spent the next seven hours trying to learn some Burmese, napping, and hanging out the windows with those same stupid grins on our faces.

Around 3:00 pm we arrived in Simbo, said good-bye to our traveling companions, and set off in search of the only guesthouse in town licensed for foreigners. Yet another way for the assholes to keep tabs on us, and a chunk of our money. At $1.70 a night, they didn’t get to keep much, and again we were restricting our tea consumption in attempts to avoid the bathroom.

The village itself was idyllic. Judging from the hordes of kids following us, saying hello and giggling, they don’t see to many foreigners. We searched out the market, took pictures of eager families (man do they laugh and call everyone over when they see the instant image), and strolled along the riverside.

After diner we went for another walk, in search of some information about the boat the next day. We stopped at a store, found out what we needed to know, and then the store keeper sheepishly beckoned us over, saying what sounded like “video”. She opened the door to what looked like a dark building and there it was. A huge screen, and good sound system, with what must have been the whole village watching a movie. It was in Burmese, but we pulled up some seats and got glued to the screen, completely clueless to what was going on. The next couple of days were spent trying to figure out what happened. To this day, all I know is that it contained some kind of AIDS lesson, and that Burmese laugh at the oddest of times. Whenever it was, what we thought was a sad or serious scene, they’d be crackin up. After many intricate theories, we gave up, vowing not to see any more Burmese movies, but amused by the experience.

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