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Mmmm, refreshing change from the loud stinking city. I never really realized it until I left. My days in Pyin OO Lwin were spent sleeping in, enjoying relaxing breakfasts in the beautiful garden, wandering, then relaxing over tea, eating the most delicious diner for under $0.50, and running back and forth to the internet to see if I was as an auntie yet. Is she ever gonna arrive? From what I hear from mom and dad, I don’t blame her for waiting. Damn you guys are in the middle of a long cold snap. Sorry to hear, glad to be here. HeHe. Hopefully some good will come of it though, and we can say good-bye to the pine beetles.

It’s a nice little town, with the tiniest little stagecoaches I’ve ever seen. Good thing, cause the horses aren’t much bigger than ponies, and some of them looked like they might of missed lunch, a couple of times. Just look the other way and keep walking, how many times have I had to do that on this trip already? Too many, but I’m trying not to count. Being that they’re Buddhist, they have a bit more respect for living creatures than some places I’ve seen, and I guess it’s hard to feed and medicate the animals when they can’t even do it for their kids. Reality bites.

The only thing I didn’t like about Pyin OO Lwin, was the military presence. There’s at least 3 training centers, and a Russian nuclear facility (disturbing), and that’s just what they’d admit to. We saw evidence of it from 4 rich, very tacky, very snobby, Russian ladies being escorted around town. Rich bitches with no morals. How do some people sleep at night? In a soft fluffy bed, paid for by other peoples blood and sweat, I guess.

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