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Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand....

We left Laos and opted for the flight back to Thailand in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is known as a cultural hotbed of Thailand. It is well known for it's cuisine and cooking schools dotted throughout the city. Which is why we decided to don some aprons and knives and jump into the culinary arts of Thailand. We signed up for a night course with a man named Prem who runs the Thailand Best Cookery School. We were able to make some of our favorite meals including: Green Curry, Tom Yam Soup, Cashew Chicken, Sweet and Sour Vegetables, and Banana Spring Rolls. The chef was awesome and the experience was fantastic. Not to mention our 5 course feast we had at the end. And it must be said....we make some damn good Thai food!

After our cooking class we had tickets to the local arena for Muay Thai boxing matches. Muay Thai is similar to regular boking but in Muay Thai you are also allowed to kick, knee or elbow your opponent. We splurged on VIP tickets and had ringside seats for all 10 matches. Some of the matches went all 5 rounds and we even got to witness 3 knockouts. One of them was in the championship match where the challanger knocked out the champion (see it at the end of the video I uploaded) The Muay Thai fighters perform a strange sort of hommage to their trainers at the beginning of their fights. They go through a series of moves, much like you would see in martial arts or Tai-Chi. (look for it near the beginning of the video).

The local crowd was intense...and they cheered each and every single time on of the fighters got hit. It was an amazing experience, one I'll be excited about for awile. Hopefully one day I'll be able to take my dad Adrian to a Muay Thai fight.....I think he would never leave.

There is a big Water Festival (everyone walks around with waterguns spraying each other) starting here tomorrow, so we might stick around for another day or so before heading south.

Until next time....keep your fists up!!

D and T

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