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Monday morning dawned with heavy cloud cover and I got a wild hair cross way's and said,"Lets Roll". By the the time we were hooked up and gassed up, the sun was making an appearance. Like I said, I had a wild hair so I said the heck with Chimney Rock and I set a course for Pulaski Va.

Guess what, I screwed up and missed a exit and had to re-plot a new course, didn't have to go to much out of the way. The plan was to Blacktop Homestead at Wally World at Pulaski but actually ended up in Dublin about eight miles farther north.

We were on site and set up on the back side parking lot, had good TV satellite reception and bought a few snacks, it should be noted here that I'm a junk food junkie, Jane is a saint, most dang will power I've ever seen. We watched TV, I snacked, then we turned in about 11:00 pm, thing's were good.

Until about 1:00am when the Blacktop Suction Fairy showed up. This guy was on a mission, it was clear, he was going to clean this side of the parking lot even if it meant completely destroying his machine. After about the third trip past us I got up to see what the Hell was going on. This maniac was going so fast there was no way the machine could have picked up anything.

Now I couldn't see the obviously deranged driver but I had this mental vision of what he had to have looked like. He stood about five foot four with a beer belly and had light brown semi curly hair. When he was going to say something he would peer over his eyeglasses and turn his head and talk over his shoulder and end his sentence with ain't that right Willy. This cat answered to the name of Wolfy. He was hell bent for destruction.

Long story short, I didn't get any sleep after that fiasco, Jane never heard a thing. When we got up and went out for our morning walk I checked the lot and that fool never picked up a dang thing. I guess that's the cost of random Blacktop Homesteading.

After breakfast we headed up I-81 bound for Winchester Virginia and I called Cherry Hill campground and booked us for Tuesday night. we made it there about 2:30 and got set up and crashed. Jane did some laundry she didn't want to show up at Shelly's with a bunch of dirty close, I said that's what kid's are for, that's one of the reasons we had them, so they can take care of us.

We could have made it to Shell's but she and Steve had to work and we aren't in a big hurry anyway and Five hours of driving is all I want at one time anymore. That's about the whole enchilada for this post, time for another beer and see if I can talk Lady Jane into some grub. As always blogger buds, Stay Safe and not only Mind Your Manners But try to pass them on to someone else. Gummy.......OUT



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