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Day 85. Friday 4/4. Paris, Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte, France.

We had an early bus ride this morning, but Jim was our tour person. I just adore him, so that was a perfect change from Merick. First we went to this very ornate castle called Fontainbleau. We had a long tour there then ate a delicious meal outside in the sun! I think that my mood has been so much better lately with the warmer weather! AW, Gail, Laine, and I had an awesome hamburger for lunch too, which just reminds me of summer. Then we found some ice cream before hopping on the bus again. Then we went to an even better castle! It is called Vaux-le-Vicomte, and this is where Eva and Tony Parker got married. The same guy designed the gardens here as the previous place and as Versailles, but we could actually walk all around these. All of us quickly went through the castle rooms and made it up to the top of the castle by the bell. Walking up there gave an amazing view of the very orderly gardens. I definitely could live at this place! The walk all the way down the gardens (which by the way are really just grass and shrubs, not the normal flowers like you would expect) was a very long walk. It felt so good to be out in the sun! We then had to get back on the bus to go home to Paris. It was not as nice weather in Paris. There was sun, but it was a bit cooler. Joanie, Nicole, Gail, Kate, Laine, and I met to go to the grocery store to pull together a meal. We were very French and ate bread, cheeses, and wine. It was nice to have a little girl’s night. I am now catching up on this and getting things done. I got to enroll in next semester’s classes. That is so odd; I don’t want this to be over in a week. It is also hard to think of this as the second semester of the year. I keep thinking I will go home and go back to KU. It is always a pleasant surprise when I remind myself I won’t be doing any school until the fall!

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