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Sad to leave Byron so soon, I got on the bus with our new driver 'Sonic' for our 3-4 hour drive to Mojo Surf, which is by Arrawarra Beach. When we arrived we dumped our stuff into our rooms and half an hour later started our surf lesson. There was only 8 of us and as I had left Byron before everyone I didn't know anyone on the bus which felt quite odd. After a short talk we went and got our wet suits and boards and made our way to the beach, where we had a theory lesson - practicing on the sand. Then we went out into the water. The first few goes you try smaller waves and everyone falls of and gets it wrong. I thought it was harder timing yourself on the wave than standing up. The feeling of being brought back to shore by a wave is incredible. It really is hard work for all over your body. You have to fight against the waves to get further out. As I you confident you try searching for the bigger waves. some were really powerful and make you wipeout really easily. We had been surfing for around 3 hours when we got out the water. I was exhausted.

After a shower I was eager to take a look at the photos they took of us (and buy them). As soon as I got in the TV area that was covered it started raining. This wasn't any old rain but a cyclone. Hail smashed this covered area and it could only just hold out. Branches an trees were being ripped of trees and then the power cut. Their poor pet dog was so cared. Eventually it subsided - my towel and swimming trunks soaked and towel on floor really muddy. It was a bit of a mess everywhere. So I didn't get to see any photos, and we had a barbeque for dinner. Usually they have a beach party but instead they took us to a local pub for a bit. Even when we got back there was no power. You only realise how much you rely on electricity when you don't have it

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