Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Bridge over Perfume River.

Dragonboats at Perfume River.

Once this road was a part of Ho Chi Minh trail, now...

Khe Sanh Combat Base, now mostly a coffee plantation.

The museum at the Khe Sanh Combat Base.

Ben Hai River, here was once the border between North- and South...

Map over Vinh Moc tunnel.

One of many entrances of the Vinh Moc tunnel system.

Inside of the tunnel.

Shelter for a family.

Exit from the tunnel.

Outside the tunnel, the South China Sea.

Here I entered the tunnel again.

Another exit.

Entrance to the emperors palaces inside the Citadel in Hue.

Entrance to one of the emperors palace.


The summer palace of the last emperor Vietnam had. This is from...

Cyclo taxi.

A mandarin life guard guarding one emperor’s grave.

Hue skyline from my hotel room.

1 April

Arrived to Hue 8 o’clock in the morning, after a 14 hour and 650 km long bus trip from Hanoi. Fortunately I found a relative decent hotel almost immediately. After a couple of hours sleep, it was time to explore the closest surroundings.

2 April.

Joined an organized tour to what once was the demilitarized zone DMZ and there some of the most fierce battles took place during the Vietnam War. Despite that I was warned, that it actually was very little to see and very much traveling by bus all over the Quang Tri province, (the most northern province of what once was South Vietnam). Anyway it was interesting to see with own eyes some of the places which were big news during the 1960:th and 70:th. The biggest attraction was the Vinh Moc tunnels.

3 April.

Joined an organized city tour to see some of the attraction in Hue. Saw some pagodas, visited the citadel, a 5 square kilometer big fortress. Inside there I saw some emperor palaces and tombs.

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