Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Many beautiful boats in Halong Bay harbour.

More boats.

Halong archipelago.

Floating fishing village.

Lunch break?

Another cave,

View over the bay from the cave.

30 March.

For the third day in succession, an organized tour. Halong Bay is an archipelago of thousands of limestone islands and it is also a World Heritage site. Because that that my time is running out, I only had time for a daytrip instead of a two or three day’s trip, which is more normal. But I think that I got the general picture of the place anyway. The weather was not the best, misty weather all day. The best I can say is that the mist gave the whole scenery a mystic touch. But I don’t complain, the rain was not far away. Touring around the Halong Bay in a rain would be a pain.

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