Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Rowing is a women’s job.

The woman on the boat which I traveled with.

On the way to the Perfume Pagoda.

Another rowing lady, bringing tourists and worshippers to the pagoda.

Almost there.

The cable car.

From the cable car, short walk to the cave including the Perfume...

Inside the cave, the Perfume Pagoda.

Vendors selling stuff to worshippers.

For who’s don’t use the cable car.

Tomorrow turtle soup?

Another sort of candy.

What this restaurant serving today.

Back to village. Time for women to work again.

28 March.

Organized bus tour to the Perfume Pagoda 60 – 70 kilometers outside of Hanoi. After a couple of hours travel by bus, we come to a village named My Duc. There we changed from bus and continued the trip by a rowing boat for another hour through a very scenic waterway. Obviously here in Vietnam, rowing a boat is a female and women’s work. Once again a mountain top temple and cave. But this time I was lucky, a cable car eliminated at least 90% of the walking distance. No more mountain climbing in flip flop shoes for me.

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