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Our Costa Mesa Hideaway

Thursday, February 14, 2008


After weeks and weeks of planning, we finally made it to Costa Mesa.

The last night in Pasadena, I barely slept. I knew that I had to get up very early and get the camper moved and out of the parking lot before the daycare families started to arrive. I also had a sense of dread that perhaps we would not even be able to fit into the parking lot at Costa Mesa, we we finally did arrive.

The Universe has truly been looking out for us. I know this.

We arrived to Costa Mesa to be met by glorious sun, a church in a small hill overlooking the ocean, out of the way of everyone else, close to electricity and water, and a place for Kody to run and play without bothering anyone or him being too close to a road! Heaven. We’re warm, we’re watered and juiced up and we’re a small island unto ourselves.

When Katherine, the DRE here, heard that Soleil had had her bike stolen when we were in Berkeley, she bestowed Soleil with the gift of an unused bike that was sitting in her garage. The bike fits Soleil perfectly and she even has room to grow into it as well.

On Valentine's Day evening, we babysat for Joey. The girls and I were going to take Joey out for Chinese food, but when we arrived to the restaurant that had been suggested to us, it was no longer in business. We scrambled for a moment and everyone suggested a place they had seen along the way... Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, etc. I offered to pick up a frozen pizza so then we could go back to the camper and watch a DVD and eat pizza. Aisha said okay, Soleil said okay, but when I asked 5-year-old Joey, he replied, "I don't like frozen pizza. I like it hot."

We brought home a Pizza Hut pizza for dinner.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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