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Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, Nadi

in front of our Bure @ Malolo Resort

View from Jonas Lookout

Meke Dance Performance @ Malolo Resort

Sunset colours;o)

Kava ceremony @ the Village, Malolo Island


Resorts 2

hours on Boat 6

Islands passed 5

Dives 6

Snorkels 2

Kayak tours 1

Kayaks almost lost as line went loose 1 - thx to Christian's quick reaction he saved us a lot of money

Meke = original dances 1

Kava 2

Beers 47 - but very small and light!!!

Bottles of wine 6

Bubbly 1

Fishes plenty of small ones

Sharks 3

Turtles 2

Octopus 1

Rays 3

Birds 100s

Vocabulary learned 2: Bula for hello and Veenaka for thx


- Clear sea water everywhere, with all turquoise and blue shades you could possibly imagine!!!

- South Sea Curuise to our Island Resort provided us with terrific views of Islands, beaches, reefs

- lovely people

- warm temperature after freezing NZ

- diving, especially if you like colourful coral

- seeing a small ray and a baby black-tip shark off the shore @ night; the latter even 2 nights in a row. Also at a nearby spot: fantastic big blue crab

- Shell Village trip on Malolo Island: owners of the island who receive a lease payment twice a year from the 4 resorts there. Very friendly people, we only met women + children, as all men were working. Very peaceful, beautifully set @ a quiet bay. We had Kava and bought some souvenirs.


- Nadi City is pretty unspectacular, one main street and a big Hindu temple and you got it covered, really.

- Back to "mosquito land", hate those little buggers. Positive: no Malaria land, negative: Dengue Fever spread around, so you must put on that stinky, sticky insect repellent.

- Birds @ our first resort: a waitress told us that there is no way to get rid of them and they literally sh.. all over the place and go into the pool to drink and wash themselves, very odd.

- 2 of our 3 restaurants @ the island resort were under construction for most of our stay, which we only learned after arrival.


- Constantly reading warnings about theft and how you should not walk in darkness in city areas as chances of being robbed rise. Even all locals take Taxis for distances of like some 100 meters.

- Reading about likely food/fish poisoning, esp.the latter causes weird sensations and even temporary paralysing of body parts!!! And, there is no way of testing the fish for that, it's mostly coming from carnevorous reef fish like Red Snapper, Spanish Macrels etc., esp.after a hurricane. Shocker!! But you just need to relax and eat what locals eat and avoid those reef fishes and probably you will be just fine!

- Seeing loads of broken coral due to a cyclon that hit the area in December. It was also quite bad for some resorts and that was the reason for the renovation of our restaurants. It's such a pity that this part of the world gets so many natural catastrophies.


- Hair of indigenous people, esp. when they stick their pens in, looks just great.

- Why are the loudest on a dive boat always the worst divers?

- How rough the see can get within a minute

- How windy it constantly was

- Hard Rock Cafe @ Denarau Marina: who would have expected one at a rather smallish place like this?


- Nature, really: e.g. Walking tracks on Malolo Island like up to Jonas Lookout that gives you spectacular views of the surrounding islands and down the Tiri & Dogo Mangroves walk with a bit of a challenge with the steep and slippery descent.

- Gotta do the Kava ceremony at all cost!

- Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, Nadi, of Lord Murugan, the guardian deity of seasonal rainfalls

Where to go

- Radisson Denarau Island: yes, we have been spoiling ourselves big time here in Fiji and it was worth every penny. This resort is brand new, lovely designed with a great breakfast buffet. Free Shuttle Service (= Bula Bus) takes you to/from the Marina where you can do cheaper grocery shopping or get reasonably priced dinner.

- Malolo Island Resort: this island is the biggest of the Mamanuca group and has 4 resorts and 2 villages on it. As mentioned before it offers a variety of good walking tracks, but do not forget to put insect repellent on!! We forgot to do that and had to give up on a nice track as mosquitos and other insects were literally all over us after a couple of meters. Our resort had nicely decorated Bures (=the huts/bungalows are called like that), all with ocean-view. Staff was extremely friendly, food was delicious and they also did nice Activity planning. We especially enjoyed the singing during lunch and dinner and also for every welcome and farewell. Parents who brought their kids were very happy about their good kids' club (4-12 years). Diving on this island is provided by Subsurface Fiji, staff was nice again and we had very easy, laid-back dives at good spots.

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