Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Hoan Kiem lake. A landmark for me, then I’m close to “home”.

The entrance to the Ritz hotel. Just a hole in the wall.

Traffic jam in Hanoi.

26 March,

The departure out of Laos via Vientiane’s Wattana Airport, were much lesser complicated compared with the arrival a few days ago. The flight from Vientiane to Vietnam took 45 minutes. I had my first arrival to Vietnam 10 years ago in my mind. I was prepared for the worst, long and slow queues, bureaucracy and hordes of more or less aggressive touts trying to earning some money from me. Vietnam has changed a lot during the 10 last years. All my expectations were totally wrong. From the moment that I left the aircraft, it took me lesser than 30 minutes to go through all arrival procedures. Despite my record quick arrival, my only set back this day, was that the Ritz Hotel had given away my pre booked room to someone other. They realized their mistake and helped me to find another room for the night. The evening I spend some time to explore the closest surroundings around the hotel and looking for some food.

27 March.

Checked out from the Tin Tin Hotel and moved back to the Ritz Hotel. Then I spend most of the day to explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter, which were not so easy, because the streets frequently change name all the time, very confusing. I don’t know how many times I get lost, found my self again and later get lost again.

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