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Cambodian snow! These by the way are nia's legs not mine!

My volcanic crater lake

Playing frisbee with the local kids! So cute!

Laso border control! A professional establishment as you can see!

In an attempt to get off the beaten track for a while i headed off on a REALLY long bus ride to northeast cambodia and the Ratanakiri province.

Luckily one of the girls i had met in Sihnouville was heading in the same direction so I had some company for what was a hot, dusty, long journey into nowhere.

It was however all worth it the next day as we headed off with our 2 local guides to see some beautiful sights.

We had been met off the bus the night before by Chai a local moto driver who was really friendly and so we decided to hire him for the day to drive us round. I had the pleasure of being passenger on his bike, which basically meant being bombarded with questions and an excuse for him to practise his english catch phrases. Nia on the other hand ended up with a driver who didn't utter a single word and we barely saw his face, we affectionately referred to him as 'the stig'!

We saw some beautiful waterfalls which were in the middle of nowhere and we were the only people there. We paddled but didn't indulge in any proper swimming as we were saving that for the next stop, a massive volcanic crater lake.

The lake did not disappoint, it was beautiful and completely still so you could just float for hours in the lovely warm water. We spent a few hours sitting by the water, sawimming, talking to other travellers and the locals before heading back to the guesthouse.

The next day we were going to go and see some other places in the local area but we decided against it because of the cost and because I didn't really want to get taken on a tour of local villages as i hate the idea of us tourists invading peoples privacy without them having any say in it.

So another day at the lake it was and then probably the worse food i've eaten on this whole trip (fried rice can go horribly wrong!)before an early night and a bus ride to Laos.

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