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I arrived in Sihnouville after a one night stop over in Phnom Penh and then a painless 4 hour bus journey.

After a night in a guesthouse where the door looked like it was going to fall apart at any second and people standing right outside my room completely freaking me out, i moved to a place owned by four guys from Cambridge and a menu which had marmite, PG tips and PROPER cheddar cheese! I know its sad but simple things like a cheese sandwich are a life saver when your this far from home.

Sihnouville itself was ok, nothing really that special. The beach was quite nice though everytime you sat down on a sun lounger you were harrassed within seconds to have your nails painted, legs threaded, your body massaged or to buy seafood or fresh fruit. Not really the peace and tranquility i had imagined.

I meet a really lovely group of people in Sihnouville and basically spent my time there doing way too much drinking, eating bbq's on the beach and most nights seeing the sunrise whilst still dancing! Oh its a hard life! I'm blaming it on the red bull which keep you awake for hours.

Whilst in Sihnouville you come into contact daily with the hundreds of children who are forced to go out and sell jewellery etc on the beach to make money for their families. After the initial a million times where they ask "you buy bracelet?" "you buy bracelet" its hard not to go insane and scream "no no no i won't buy a bracelet" . However all the people who bother to stop and try to make conversations with these children will discover some of the cutest kids around. And the more people who refuse to buy anything from them the less children will eventually be sent out all day (and in some cases all night!) to sell, sell, sell.

On my first day on the beach i met two little girls who sell bracelets every day between 1-5pm (after morning school and before evening english lessons). For the rest of the week they came and chatted to me every day, they read my magazines, ask me millions of questions, told me about school that day, left their stuff with me whilst they went swimming etc etc basically did what children everywhere should be allowed to do, enjoy their childhood.

Whilst in Sihnouville we also went to a really cool cinema where you had a private room for 5 people, with the biggest plasma and a massive selection of movies, we ate a lovely roast dinner and I almost daily indulged in some delicious carrot cake, made acceptable by the fact that it was from a charity bakery, so to eat is to help!!

I'd planned to stay for a couple of weeks but decided after a week to head back to Phnom Penh.

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