20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Outside castle

Back of Castle

Main block

Coastal view

Fort Victoria


Gate of no return

Beachfront slum


Made it, mission accomplished, destination reached, Cape Coast here I am.

What? Sorry? You thought I said what? Cape Town? No you must have mis-heard, who in there right mind would want to travel that far through Africa.

Cape Coast is home to one of Ghana's slaving castles and two forts. The virtually compulsory tour of the castle was actually very informative, somehow I felt that it wasn't horrific enough, it almost seemed a pleasant place, sanitised of it's past atrocities. It was nearly the sight of a modern murder when a sceptic moron who had decided to photograph everything and I mean everything kept standing next to me, not so bad except for this particular half-brain had the sounds left on her camera, focus - beep, shot - kluck etc and used the flash for every picture. Why can't the default setting for electronics be silence then the idiots wouldn't be able to work out how to switch them on?

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