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Chicicastenango Market

Spanish Book Giving in Guatemala

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Sunset on Lake Atitlan

Early in the morning, we took a shuttle van to the market town of Chichicastenango (aka Chichi)... apparently everyone chickened out on the chicken bus on day 3! The market was filled with hundreds and hundreds of makeshift shops. In the middle there is a couple of churches, both with processions taking place for Palm Sunday. Jade and silver are the two best things to buy in the market. Kelly invested in some pura (real) jewelry while Jill was enjoying the company of some lady street vendors too much and bought an imitation jade necklace. We are continuing our tradition of giving out little Spanish books to increase the literacy of yet another Latin American country. Kelly has her Spanish classes at our school make the books before our departure and one of the greatest joys we find on our journeys is seeing little faces light up when they first open up their colorful little pages. While talking to some of the street vendors and giving a book to a little girl, an obviously older Mayan woman selling necklaces on the street, asked Jill if she could have one as well. After Jill asked how old she was, the answer being 27, she bought the imitation jade necklace from her instead.

After our three hour bout at the market, we headed back to Panajachel, got extra money and went with the group on a zip line tour. After a good thirty minute walk up in a nature reserve, we were harnessed onto eight zip lines and cruised above the canopy. The view of Lake Atitlan was absolutely breath-taking from above. Afterwards we went with one of our new friends, Diane, to a restaurant overlooking the lake. Although it wasn´t a great sunset, we still enjoyed the scenery and relaxation after a long, but great day!

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