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Carrying the weight of Mary


The carriers of Jesus

We arrived in Guatemala early this afternoon, took a cab from Guatemala City to Antigua and as I type this in an Internet cafe, I hear a band playing outside on the streets and I smell of incense! As Kelly and I were walking back towards our hotel, we found ourselves in the middle of a parade. There was a huge float being carried down the cobblestone drive and as we walked a little closer, we found that the ones transporting the huge float were about 50 little Guatemalan girls (not more than 7 years of age) dressed in white dresses. When we reached the parallel street to where our hotel is, we found the same scenario, except this time with hundreds of boys of all ages dressed in purple cloaks. It truly is a sight to see!

Wé're meeting the eight others in our group (from the list they look like mostly married couples) tonight then are headed to a town full of markets and then Lake Atitlan tomorrow.

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