Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Giraffes and ostrich.


Dusit park.


Asean black bear.

White bengal tiger.


Across the street from Dusit Zoo is Chitlada Palace, The thai king's...

Commerce on Khao San Road.

Fake ID or diploma, you can buy the most here. The salesman...

More streetmarket from Khao San Road.

Thai candy. Various insects. What about a roasted cochraches?

Traffic on canal Klong Saen Saep.

Along Klong Saen Saep.

7 March.

One of the hottest days so far, with temperatures around 37-38 degrees. Dusit Zoo is not the biggest or best zoos in the world, but it is a nice place anyway if you would like to escape the hustle and bustle in Bangkok for a while. I have been here before and I noticed with delight that the worst iron bar cages were gone.

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