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spice gardens giant swing

We are now in Penang with 2 days in Georgetown at a hostel, it is a bit basic. Then we have 5 nights at a resort by the beach. Hope it lives up to expectations!!

Looking back on Jennifer's letter was interesting as she was talking about the rising waters of the Li river and you will recall all the rain we had on our bike ride.

When we got to Macau we heard on the news that 50 people had died and 200 000 had been relocated to safety in Southern China. I think we got out just in time!!

Seems like we have been just one step away from major sagas:

-Myanmar Cyclone when we were in Northern Thailand

-Sichuan Earthquake the day before we arrived in Kunming China

-Southern China floods when we were in Hong Kong!!

We just go on our merry way oblivious and find out about things later- I think we have been blessed, thanks for the prayers for our safety.


Almost at an end of our big adventure!! Tomorrow we fly to KL, then home. We leave at 21:25pm and will be home on Tues at 7:25am. It will be good to be home!! Not figuring our where we are staying, what and where to eat. Also it will be so good communicating in English as the 1st language.

While here we enjoyed Penang Hill which you get to by fennicular tram, it is very steep, rising to 850m above sea level. From the top you can walk 2 km to a canopy tree top walk which is about 230 m long and about 40m up. The footboard is only a plank wide but has good side safety netting. At the huge superb Botanic gardens there were lots of free roaming monkeys whose antics were great fun to watch.

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