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biking in Yangshuo with group

Wet close up of biking

Al with commorant fisherman

Li river from bamboo raft

Li river view

We are now in Yangshuo, it is very scenic, surrounded by massive limestone outcrops. The town has a very fast flowing clean river running through it. Yesterday we did a long bikeride into the country and got soaked but it wasn't cold -so not a problem!

Last night we went to a light show which had a cast of about 1000 with lanterns and lots of spectacular stuff that reminded you of an Olympics opening. Tonight we are going to a commerant fishing display and final group dinner as we won't have time once we hit Hong Kong. We have only 2 train trips to go. the last one we upgraded to a soft sleeper, it was a bit pricey but not much quiter as there was this awful screech under our carriage.

Good shopping here so we did a big lot of bargaining this morning

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