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3 gorges + glenda

Dragon Boat our 3 gorges cruise boat

one of the gorges

Captains dinner

Intrepid group on the boat

The Yangtze cruise went well, we enjoyed lapping up the 5 star treatment, so much food!! It was only about a third full, holds 180 passengers with a crew of 129. It was called the Dragon Boat just under 100m long, and lived up to its name with dragons painted in every bit of spare space. The outside had scales about 0.5m diametre nailed all over the boat and a giant dragon head (about 3 stories high) and tail, all rather bizzare. The 3 gorges were quite spectalular some of the scenary at the start was industrial and hazy but it got better as we travelled away from the bigger cities. We did a side trip down a tributary on a ferry then small boat powered by 5 oarsmen. When the river narrowed to just wider than the boat the oarsmen put on slings and hauled the boat in ankle deep water. Just as they had done hundreds of years before. That night we had a storm, wind riven rain poured under our door, we just raised our luggage onto sttols and put on shoes to walk between the beds whcih had soaked carpets. The captian came ove the intercom saying we were in a severe storm but don't worry as it is only a hurricane!! Some of the German tourist came to the evening concert with life jackets. The crew had an 'on with the show' mentallity, but you could tell they were distracted. Later we heard it was the worst storm they has experienced on the river in 10 years.

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