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My Van- A Roadtrek 210 Popular

The "Bridge"

The Kitchen

The Bedrom-makes into a bed, or sleep on one side

It is Sunday. I have been busy gathering items to stock my "new to me" used 1995 Roadtrek 210 Popular Class B. The excitment is at 11+ on a scale of 1-10.

The plan is to pick it up from the dealer on Wednesday morning. I will bring it to my house and stock it with what I have gathered (geez,there is a lot of stuff to get together...pots, silverware, sleeping bag, map, some food,etc).

This is an exciting time. I have wanted a "travel unit" of some sorts for decades! I have trailered with my family when I was small (3-5 years old) and did oone or two trailer trips in my late 20's. I have always had "daddy" or "hubby" to do all that propane/sewer/etc stuff. Now it is all in my departement (widow as of last May).

I had a "walk through" at the dealer's service department. A lot to learn,..but I think I "got it". This trip is the "shake down" cruise.

Oh yes, I get the van on Wednesday, I leave Thursday. The "moving in" part will have to be quick. I figure I have a sleeping bag, a map, a little food, and a destination,..the rest will fall into place,...or not.

The reason for the trip is the Southwest Regional Alpaca Show, at the Phoenix Fairgrounds. I will be staying at the RV location (with electricity and water) on the grounds. I will be taking my bicycle to "commute" to the showring area. I will be helping some friends "show" their alpacas. This is also new to me. What a learning time this will be!!!

I will also be taking my dog along. He loves riding in the car. He is old and pretty much sleeps all day, this should work out.

I also am going to try to rig a temporary 2 meter ham radio setup. The time between pick up and when I am on the road will be busy to say the least.

Hope you check in on this website to see how things go, should be interesting,..I am going on pure "bluff".

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