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Even better than Ouahigouya, Ouagadougou (Waga-doo-goo)possibly the best named capital city in the world. And just when you think it can't possibly get any hotter it does. If anyone thinks I'm exagerating the temperatures, put Ouagadougou into the BBC 5 day forecast, straight 40-41 for the next 5 days. The thermometer outisde one of the banks hit 39 at 10am this morning, this is one place where you really have to get up at dawn and do as much as possible before it gets so oppressive that a siesta is a necessity not a luxury.

Wow, it's a city, a real city with shops and buildings and pavements and even a decent internet cafe. I found a supermarket with all of the things I've been craving lately. I've got a box of Kellogg's cornflakes and a bottle of UHT milk, I've even sourced a bottle of Gin and they sell cold tonic everywhere, if I can find some limes I may well think I'm in Heaven.

I've probably got at least 5 days here as I need to get my visa for Ghana and typical of my timing I arrived on Friday afternoon and will have to wait until Monday, the next direct bus to Ghana after that will be on Wednesday morning.

I got my visa with little problem and booked the bus to Tamale in Ghana the day before as recommended. When I got to the bus station I was the only one waiting for the bus which in fact never turned up, they transferred my ticket to a Ivorian bus. Possibly the most demoralising point of this whole trip was sitting on that beaten up bus that didn't look like it would leave for many hours when I saw the shiny new Intercity STC bus leaving the bus station. I thought that was the bus I'd booked but I'd been done by another company using the same initials. I could have cried. The bus did eventually fill up and leave and it did eventually get me to Tamale but once again at dusk and at least 4 hours after the real bus.

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