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Truly Happy Hours here .50 cent beer!!!

Our new friends from Germany

Serendipity Beach Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville (nous ne savons toujours pas la vrai prononciation....) est une ville de plage. Nous avons fais la rencontre d'un couple d'allemand. Voir photo ci jointe: toujours tres interessant de discuter actualite politique en prenant une biere pour 50 cent et un rome et coke pour 75 sous!. Surpenant aussi de voir sur le menu "papier a rouler" (pour le pot)!! Fumer de la marijuana au restaurant est normal et acheter du Viagra au depanneur du coin est chose commune...mais nous nous sommes contentes des plages, de l'eau hyper chaude et du soleil!

Sihanoukville turned out to be a diamond in the rough, the weather was great, the development was still in the early stages but sure to come full bore and the atmosphere laid back. There were alot of expats here and the only time I've ever seen restaurants offer Happy shakes (special ingredient added) and rolling papers on the menu. The area itself still shows that they are still in survival mode with sanitation last on the priority list with garbage everywhere but the beach was clean and relaxing. The only thing that I found a little unnerving was the amount of vendors on the beach, they are everywhere selling squid on a stick to the latest Cambodian Lonely planet. There does not seem to be any controls on this. Another thing that bugged me here was the tuk tuk drivers they were the most aggressive I've ever come across and I am at this point in our trip sick of negotiating. So when we were dropped off by the bus we immediately began the walk down in the hill and after turning down tuk tuk after tuk tuk we finally took one because the price had come down so much. The price went from $6 to the beach to $1 after only 200 metres. They could really use a consistent flat rate to everybody instead of the I'll take you for whatever I can attitude.

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