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Sunset after Dinner

Our little Hut

Hammock Heaven

Long Horn Bird

We decided to hit up the east coast and venture to Tioman Island which consisted of catching various buses to the small fishing town of Mersing. Upon arrival (at 3am) we had no clue where to go & no budget to get a place to crash. So we pulled an all nighter at a local restaurant thinking we could sleep on the ferry & then the beach! We ate, drank, and played cards for as long as we could then headed to the jetty. Around 7am we met a girl from KL who was waiting for the ferry as well...however she kindly informed us that she had been waiting for 2days already - the ferry had been suspended due to high winds over the South China Sea causing waves of 4.5-5.5m (12-15ft. The Malaysian governmnet had cancelled all ferries until the 21st or 22nd of Feb. So with our hopes dashed we were forced to grab a bus back to KL - but we were still set on a beach so the next day we caught another bus to Lumut & a ferry to Pankgor Island (on the west side this time). The island was quite large with various small towns situated on different beaches. We stayed at Teluk Nipah - the budget beach of course!! It was hot and sunny and we did absolutely nothing other then eat, sleep, swim, read and eat some more! it was great! We were happy not to have to set foot on a bus for a couple of days!

So thats its for now...we are heading to the island of Borneo on the 26th, and then to Thailand on March we'll try and update again sometime soon when there is more to report!!!

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