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Crazy coconut guy in the chinese market

Old Church with gravestones dating back to 1600's

From Singapore we caught a bus to Johor Bahru in Malaysia and promptly decided we would continue on to find a better place to stay (a bit of a sketchy city), so from there we caught a bus to Melacca, a small town on the West Coast. As in most Malaysian cities, the culture is a collection of Chinese, Malay, and Muslim. We stayed at a guesthouse just outside of Chinatown in hopes of being closer to some of the New year festivities. The owner was a very kind and friendly Chinese-Malaysian. He insisted on taking everyone from the hostel out at breakfast and dinner, which suited us well as we were able to meet people and order some delicious dishes as recommended by him (including roti pisang - an indian type of naan bread with bananas fried up and slopped in the middle.)

We spent some time touring the history museum and an old church fortress, and then a night exploring the chinese markets & temples. There was alot we didn't see however as we had no idea the city was as large as it was! We also had our first taste of frog...tasted like chicken noodle soup...felt a bit guilty though as you pick your frog from a little tank & then they kill it, skin it, and gut it right there - thankfully we didn't order a whole one to ourselves, just had a bite of someone elses! Raymond (our guesthouse owner) informed us that frog is a delicacy and is known as a 'rich persons' food!

Overall Impression: Charming city with vibrant, friendly people!

p.s. Also saw a man poke his finger through a coconut - impressive - until you saw his bent, misshapen, obviously broken repeatedly finger...He was trying to sell a Chinese herbal remedy for pain!! lol go figure!

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