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Well, we've come to the end of our NZ trip -we arrived in Auckland yesterday. We travelled from Rotorua via the Waitomo caves so we got to spend an hour at the caves. It was great. The main attraction of the caves is that it's full of glowworms. We wandered through the caves then got on a boat that took us down the river (that flowed through the caves) and back outside. The boat ride was definately the highlight of the day. We floated in pitch darkness and when you looked up there were hundreds of tiny blue lights on the cave roof - it was like you were looking at the stars :) Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures so you'll just have to imagine what it was like! or you can have a look at there website - http://www.new-zealand.com/WaitomoCaves/.

Today I've spent some time wandering around the city - there's only so many shops I can look at before getting bored though which is why I'm now on the internet - I found a place where it only cost $2 for 1 hour - so I'll probably be here for a while. After that my plans are dinner and an early night. We're staying in a 12 bed dorm - which means it's very noisy so I didn't get much sleep last night. On the positive side - the dorm was girls only - as is the whole floor of the hostel and we got fluffy white towels and aveda shampoo and conditioner - plus their are hairdryers in the bathrooms - nearly enough to make up for the noisy bedroom :) Only 2 more nights in NZ and then we're in Fiji - can't wait!!

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