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Old Dutch Church in Melaka

Christ Church 1753

Melaka Chinatown

Ear Dig Anyone?

Our Baby #1

Our Baby #2

Menara Tower

View from the Menara Tower

The Petronas Towers

On the Skywalk #1

On the Skywalk #2

View from the Skywalk

Hey everyone....

We spent a week in Singapore after leaving beautiful Indonesia. Our time spent in Singapore was mainly revolved around sending out resume packages for jobs next year...blah!! Who wants to work for a living?? As far as sightseeing goes we did check out the Science Center, which like the rest of the things in Singapore, was way over the top. Likely candidate for coolest Science Center on the Planet!!

After Singapore we traveled overland by bus to Malaysia and stopped in the port town of Melaka. Over the centuries Melaka has seen the Dutch and Portuguese colonists come and go, and the remants of both are seen throughout Melaka's town center. Man, if only I could be a colonist and have my own country/city at free will. During our time in Melaka we also held some phone interviews for jobs but I will discuss this later in the blog. (I can't believe I just used the word blog...what a stupid word....almost as stupid as colonizing an entire country and pretending it's your own!!) But I digress...

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia we took in the vertically unchallenged wonders of the Menara Tower (4th largest communications tower in the world) and the Petronas Towers (second tallest buildings in the world after the tower in Taipei, Taiwan.) As a side not...if Malaysia were to go colonize Taiwan, then they could claim that they have the TWO tallest buildings in the world...interesting). The Petronas Towers base was a huge 5 story mall with an array of items to purchase or eat. We took advantage of the movie theatre (twice) and shivered to death in the seemingly minus 20 degree theatre designed not only to entertain, but apparently also to cryogenically freeze you for future research. We got tickets to take in the Skywalk, which is the platform that links the two huge towers. After watching a 20 minute petroleum plug (the towers are the head office for Petronas, a petroleum company) about all the great things that petroleum does for us in our energy hungry world, we took in the sights of Kuala Lumpur from the Skywalk. That's right, I was a Skywalker!! (Luke.... I am your father....) We also took in the view from the obsevation deck at the Menara tower, which put the view from the Petronas Towers to shame. We had a 360 degree view of the city, minus the parts that were hidden by, as our audio tour called it "clouds or fog"...otherwise known as smog...cough..cough. The view was tremendous though!!

As for our job progress, it has been finalized. We have accepted 2 year contract jobs at the American International School of Abu Dhabi. I know what you're thinking....American...blah!! Or maybe you're thinking, what the hell is Abu Dhabi? Well, it's the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the same place where you would find the city of Dubai. It has a large expatriate community (over 70%) of the population. They fly us out there and home every summer so we hopefully won't miss out on too many things back home. Should be interesting! Anyone who wants more info...feel free to email us and we'll fill you in!

Also, we've booked our flights home and will be arriving on May 13th. Can't wait to see everyone!!

D and T

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