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Wow, what a day,with both literally and figuratively probably the highest and lowest moments of the entire trip taking place over a jampacked 18 hours or so.

We started the day waking up to natural sunlight as there was no electricity in this village due to the southern china snowstorms that have devastated the area in many ways, fromlack of power and water (for about four weeks in this village), the trees and bamboo that the villagers rely on for income having been destroyed by the wild weather, and also thenatural isolation being compounded by after affects of the weather.

We all ordered a "hearty" breakfast knowing we had a three - four hour walk ahead of us (and knowing it would probably take me longer looking at yesterdays effort),although this was alsolimited by thelack of power and those ordering toast received bread as there wasno toaster...

A quick visit to the local ladies who had set up "shop" (carried in a basket on their backs) outside the hotel,I think having smelled the foreigners and those of us who hadn't succumbed yesterday added to our day packs a handmadeblanket or apron or hanging thing, a happy choice though as weknew thismoney would go directly to the locals rather thansome shonky on seller...

The ladies also offered to carry ourbags or jackets for the price of 50 Yuan and soI was quick to take her up on that offer,knowing she would walk with me when everyone powered off and left me with no idea when to turn right, left or go straight.The others also packed their jackets (we knew from yesterdays trip that it would be warm) and extra bags into another ladies basket and we set off for the next village we would stay in that night (Ping'an)

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