Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in 2008...with the Olivetts travel blog

This is where Tony and Tim got haircuts

Elevator going up (photo by Vin)

Mono stereo

Tim and the boys, walking back to hotel (view from our room)

Bus ride snacks (sticky rice with beans in bamboo, boiled peanuts, a...

Broken down bus

***Some fossil trivia: In 1996, the oldest-ever dinosaur fossil was discovered in Phuwiang National Park, about an hour drive northwest of Khon Kaen, Thailand. It is named Siamotyrannus isanensis (Siam for Thailand & Isaan after the northeastern region of Thailand). It is estimated to be 120 million years old. It's small size (just 6 meters from nose to tail) confirms Asia as the place of origin of the tyrannosaurus Genus, which later evolved into various different species.

Today was a bus/traveling day - including one breakdown (of course!). The bus' water broke, is what a monk who spoke good English told us. As we were boarding the international bus from Mukdahon (Thailand) to Savannakhet, we were told that they didn't have room for Tim's bike. So he had to ride about 12 miles through no-man's land to catch up with us.

QUESTION # 2: What did we pass up for dinner when we were walking through the night market in Khon Kaen?

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