Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in 2008...with the Olivetts travel blog

Hanging ducks

Fried rice vendor

Fried grasshoppers

Picking out his favorite fried bug!

Mangos and sticky rice

BIG bugs! (photo by Tony)

Fried Larvae (photo by Tony)

We're all here, in Khon Kaen! After an almost 16 hour flight, Jen & the boys had a near miss catching their plane from Bangkok to Khon Kaen when the van they were in getting from the new airport to the old one for the domestic flight broke down. (Bangkok outgrew their new airport in one year, and had to re-open the old one for some of the domestic flights. The airports are about an hour away from each other.)

***We were just trying to catch up with Tim, and all the breakdowns he's been in so far this trip.

We had a great day today - Khon Kaen is the 4th largest city in Thailand, and there is a University here. We are so excited to be able to have Mangos and sticky rice again! Hopefully we'll be caught up with our sleep by tomorrow.

QUESTION #1 (for my students and CC's 4th and 6th graders): Who did Tim compare himself with while he was riding from Vietnam through Laos to the Thai border?

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