Costa Rica Surf Recon 2008 travel blog


Well, its been a while since I last wrote a little something but we made it up to Nicaragua and have been here for almost a week now. Our friends from home met us in Tamarindo Costa Rica where we stocked up on food and supplies for a week long camping-surf trip to a world famous break called Witch´s Rock, which is in Santa Rosa National Park. There are only 2 ways to get in there to surf; either by boat or 4x4 truck on an ultra sketchy jungle mountain road that takes you down to the beach area and takes about 2 hours travelling at about 8km an hour. Its a crazy road. Next time I´ll just boat over from El Coco but, the adventure driving was fun. Too bad we got kicked out after 1 night because of the dog we had with us. We did get to surf the famous wave and it was like no wave I´ve ever ridden, its no wonder why its as famous as it is. Because of its location it is really uncrowded and clean. It was strong, fast and hollow which is why it makes some of the finest tubes in the world.

After Witche´s ROck we drove over to El COCO where we had to wait for 2 days, so our friends could deal with their validations for the Nicaragauan visas. They are building a house and starting up a Bed and Breakfast from it, so they will be down here indefinately and have to leave Nicaragua every 3 months for validation and then reenter. It´s a timely process at the border which Mon and I got to experience. Now we are in Nicaragua staying at their place with one of the finest ocean views Ive ever seen. Life´s pace is slow here in Nica, the whole area is beautiful and feels more real than Costa Rica. Nica is on its way to developing its travel tourism economy so eventually all of what Ive seen will be tourism developed in a matter of years. Im already suprised by how many tourists are sitting beside me in this internet cafe which is 1 of 3 on the same street in San Juan Del Sur. But, it is inevitable and the people dont seem to bitter about it. Smiles and waves .

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