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Moges picked us up at hotel 7:15, prompt as usual...paid him 450 bier for transport last 3 days($50 US). On the way to airport we saw big bunches of school kids walking and even jogging to school...Ethiopians go many km. on foot everywhere. Also, in Addis esp but many other lger towns there are huge #'s of blue 'share' taxis, minibuses, and tuk tuks(3 whl. motorbike taxis). Flight uneventful, arr at Lido Hotel where we had reserved rooms...took a bit of explaining and etc. on the part of Bon to get them to see that all of us in one room was best option all around, actually Abraham arriving and helping was what finally tipped the scales. We were shocked in the eve when Abraham arrived in formal suit and with presents for US! What a guy, Marta you sure can pick 'em, he went way over the top for us. But as fate would have it, an Italian friend he met thru Marta had come into town while we were away and he always 'rents' Abrahams' car, so we will go to Harar via bus.

It took us most of the afternoon going all over Addis via expensive taxis to finally nail down transport to Harar, but as it turns out the cost is so much less than hiring a car for the four of us that we come out ahead considerably. Went to Natl Museum to see Lucy, the find which put Ethiopia and the Rift valley on the map back in the 60s. For those Creationists out there, I highly recommend visiting Ethiopia for a taste of reality!!! The country is loaded with history both modern and ancient and prehistoric...great tourist destination, inexpensive & delicious food, inexpensive O.N.s, and if you're willing to take the time and travel as the locals(which, had we had the time and patience we would have), inexpensive transport!

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