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Today we had to meet at 9am with whatever stuff i was to send home (we have a train to catch tonight and I was not keen to have to lug around the same weight as I had in my backpack and bag on the train from Beijing to Xian.

I had put two bags of stuff together, one was the souvenirs I'd already bought and clothes I still wanted but wouldn't need over here (including my 15$ armani jeans) and the other had clothes I would be willing to jettison if need be. Everything fit into the box and too much money later I had succeeded in lightening my load by 6.5 kg a difference I'm sure I'll appreciate tonight as we lug the bags around the train station.

Following the post office, a few of the others wanted to get their fortune told and our guide took the three of us to a Taoist temple where someone there would be able to do it for us. A bit like the Lama temple, it was nice to look at but quite stinky with all the incense burning. It probably wasn't somewhere a lot of foreigners go either so it was definitly worth a look.

We all found ourselves in the room of one of the followers?monks? n(not sure what theyre caled) and had to give our dates and times of birth (thanks Mum) and then he did some form of numerology telling each of us what sort of caeer we would have, which years of our lives would be good and not so good and a brief description of our parnters (we would apparently all marry)

Aaron and I weren't too impressed with our information - Aaron was told he'd get a promotion (he does't have a job) that he'd work in arts/literature 9he worked for a drug comapny in England) and that he would have a "stout" (accompanied by a kind of the fish was this big arm movement) wife. I, apparently will be in education, will work in the centre of the town that I was born (mum you'd be happy with that one) and will have a handsome husband (I was happy with that news)

After the fortunes, we headed off to our new favourite coffee shop for hot chocolate and then had the rest of the day free before our train tnight.

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