James & Christine Round the World 2008 travel blog

We arrived in Auckland and were given a friendly reception by the immigration girl who suggested that if we didn't still own property in NZ it was a good time to buy and we should plan to retire back to NZ.

Ian & Audrey were waiting for us as soon as we cleared customs and it was great to see familiar faces and be back in to English and left hand driving on the roads.

In the afternoon we went to One tree hill (minus the tree) and round to Mission Bay where Alan, Peter and Kathleen will remember we had a memorable meal at the Italian restaurant a few years back.

It was lovely to receive a welcome to New Zealand message at the motel from Jope & Tini Bon

Returning to the motel there was just time to get some washing done and then after a very enjoyable meal it was time to repack and get ready for the trip North to the Bay of Islands

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