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From the Gili Islands we took a 36 hour boat-bus-boat-bus-boat ride to Flores. It was tiring but went by surpisingly fast. Flores is famous for the findings of some remains of small "hobbit-like" people in 2003. It is also the gateway for getting to Rinca and Komodo Islands, home of the Komodo Dragons.

We booked a boat trip out to the islands after arriving in Labuan Bajo, the port town on Flores. It was just the two of us on the boat with the captain and a crew member. We left early in the morning and set off for the island of Rinca. The baot ride was beautiful. Pristine islands with white sand beaches everywhere. When we got to Rinca we got off the boat and saw one of the dragons right away. They're simply huge. They mostly just lay around during the day to conserve energy and because it gets so freaking hot. The dragons mostly congregated around the Ranger station near the kitchen, due to the smells of yummy food eminating from the station. We did an hour hike around the island and headed back out onto the ocean.

We anchored just off a small island and had a chance to go snorkling. The diversity and amount of fish was amazing but it was the coral and the clarity of the water that amazed us most. The coral was a rainbow of bright colours and shapes. The clarity of the water only added to the visibilty of these coral.

We spent the night sleeping on the boat, rocking slowly with the tides. At sunset, hundreds of husge bats left the small island we were anchored by and made there way across the ocean to Komodo Island. The sunset picture that I added is the one we saw from the boat that night. In the morning, We made our way to Komodo and had a small hike on the island. We saw more dragons at the ranger station here too. After the island, we got a chance to do some more great snorkling before heading back to Flores.

When we got back we treated ourselves to two nights in a beautiful air conditioned room with an outstanding view. (Also seen in our pictures)

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