Southern Border Adventure 2008 travel blog

On the grounds of Country Day School

Getting ready to watch on Neutral Ground

Tailgating at Mardi Gras - the juiciest burgers ever!

Evan and Mary Claude Simons - Julianna and McColl's cousins


Cup, cup! Throw me something Mister!

Julianna and Bethany

One of the Dukes

Ladders as far as the eye can see

Laurie pre-parade

Sue at the parade (sorry about the blurriness!)

Julianna says this is the best picture of her ever

Corbett our fearless organizer and master tailgater

McColl on the ladder top


Are they coming yet?




Elizabeth (Laurie's sister-in-law) and son Evan

"Can we take just one more picture?" asks Julianna

Our neighbors to the other side of us had a late night (early morning?), but I was able to get some sleep before getting on the road. It's much easier to stay in the Sea Dragon, everything you might need is right there, and in hindsight I've taken to calling my days in Gruene, Austin and New Orleans the "land portion" of my trip. Bringing stuff into a motel when you're not trying to live out of a suitcase is harder. Everything just seems to multiply on it's own - clothes, shoes, books, toiletries, food. I kept teasing Sue about the "pantry" she brought with her - lemon bars, spiced nuts, sourdough bread, clam chowder, marshmallows, maybe a couple other things. But we enjoyed it all over the next few days. All except for the marshmallows which got tossed in a moment of cleaning up, and which we wished we had at our campfire that evening.

Anyway, we got a cup of tea, I got a bagel, Sue got a breakfast taco at the coffee shop on the corner which is always a hopping place no matter the time of day. I listened to a very funny conversation at this place sitting on the sidewalk my first afternoon in Austin. The chatter was between a straight girl and a gay guy and their respective love lives. All I have to say is she needs a new guy and he needs to stop being fickle and stay with the same guy for more than a few days. It was all the more odd because I was attempting to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk while the wind was whipping my hair all around at the same time. As I finished my sandwich, pleased that my hair was still peanut butter free, I turned to find myself looking straight into the face of a HUGE dog who had just walked up with its owner and was joining the man next to me.

to be continued...

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