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Today was not particulary productive for Helen (my room mate - Welsh) and I, we had a sleep in until about 10/11 then did some computer time, headed across the road for lunch with Noreen (Irish) and then some more computer time.

I also needed to brave the chinese pharmacy and do something about the damn cold/flu I had. When I walked in the store the lady produced a card with english symptoms on it, I just needed to point out my ailments and she produced the (chinese) medicine to suit. I barely had time to refer to my runny nose, aches and pains when a coughing fit over came me and she quickly grabbed some cough syrup as well.

I was shocked to find out that I would be required to take 8 of one tablet, 7 of another, 4 of the third and a third of a bottle of cough syrup three times a day. I had to buy two packets of a few of the medications as there was only a day s worth at these doses in each pack.

The rest of our tour group had headed to the Forbidden City with a 9am start but seeing as Noreen, Helen and I had been earlier in the week and we were still recovering from our big night out's requisite lack of sleep we decided to sleep in. We did find out later in the day from some of the others that we would be meeting at 6pm to go to the Kung Fu show if we wanted.

When our guide (Roy) met us at 6pm and we all split into taxis to go to the Kung Fu he told us (the three in our cab) that we would always meet at 9am and 6pm if we wanted to do what the group was doing. (probably information we could have used the day before but we made sure that everyone the next day was aware)

The Kung Fu show was pretty cool. I'm still not sure how an 8 year old boy, let alone the older boys and grown men decides he wants to be on stage twice a night every nigght doing flips off his head or spinning across the stage, but it was good to watch. Maybe I'm picky but I have to admit it wasn't as polished as I'd expected. I had kind of expected that all the movements when in synch would be super sharp and exactly in time, but its also possibnle that we had understudies as it was the day after spring festival.

After the Kung fu we battled tof ind taxis in the freezing cold (the rest of the tour had all learnt from the same mistake I had made and were now wearing thermals under their jeans) and headed back to the hotel where we made the restaurant reopen their kitchen and had agreat meal for the grand total of 15Y each, ripper.,

After this I still couldn't face going out although we really wanted to go back to the pub we'd found the day before the tour started so it was off to bed after taking my 19 tablets and cough syrup.

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