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I'm very quickly falling behind so the next few days will be a bit short of detail so I can catch up before we leave Beijing.

Today I went to see the Lama temple and felt a bit out of place as everyone was burning incense and you couldn't take photos anywhere so it was good to see, but I didn't stay for very long.

Afterwards I just headed off walking in what I thought would head me to some other areas described in my guidebook but as runs in our family we're not always the best at following directions..

After the Lama temple and my walk I headed back home and found the internet area full of hostel staff having a new years eve dinner but also found that there was nother 70 odd computers on the floor below (some for cheaper too) but about the same level of slowness...

After my computer time I did a qick sruvey of the bar but couldnt see anyone who may have been from my tour so headed back to the room for an early night.

My room was very warm still so I had been sleeping in my togs (only summery clothes I brought with me and am gratefull for that crazy decision..

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