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The town consists of about 100m of "developement" along the "highway" where it dips near the river


Getting to Soppong on the mopeds was one of the coolest things I've ever done. You go up these mountain traverses, you're the only one on the road, and every bend opens up to ridiculous views of the mountains. You get to the top of the mountain and then go down into the valleys where people have beautiful valley farms and then you go up another mountain, etc. And riding the mopeds were just fun in of itself.

Took a bamboo raft along a small river through a huge cave, led by a guide that clearly did not want to be there.

The cave was okay, but at the exit of the cave there were thousands of bats perched above out heads, and the sides of the cave was just completely covered in bat shit. Later that evening we came back at dusk to the exit of the cave and witnessed one of the most amazing natural sight's I think I'll ever see. Thousands and thousands of swifts (small birds) all started to fly into the cave around 6:00pm. As dense as could be, there must have been a million of them in the cave after an hour before they let up. We even saw two birds collide and fall to the cave floor. We thought they were both dead, but a little while later they both flew away. Again I have a video I need to upload later. Then after all the swifts had flown in, the sun went down and a million bats flew out. It was too dark to see most of the bats so it wasn't as visually stunning as the swifts, but it was just amazing - the swifts and the bats swap shelters while the other sleeps/hunts. Amazing.

After the swift/bat cave we went to a restaurant where there was a large family eating these funny looking Poo poo platter things. So we order one, a "Thai Bar-b-q" which apparently is actually Korean.

Think of a bowl with the bottom bumped up, and then the edges filled with water and fire underneight. So you can grill things on the bumped up part of the bowl, or boil things in the water around it. We really had no idea what to do so I asked some young dude from the family to help us. Well after he threw in a raw egg with the raw chicken and raw pork and lots of other questionable food, we declined to eat it so his whole family came over and helped us finish it.

He gave us a lot of Thai Wiskey (Song Som) and we all had a grand old time until his sister continued to pressue to buy her beer. It was funny at first, until her kid came up to her to ask something and she sort of slapped her away and kept pestering us to buy her beer...meanwhile there was a large projector screen playing asian pop videos in the background - quite a culturally interesting night.

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