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Many of you have asked about the crazy snow storms that you would have seen on the news as parts of southern china have been announced as emergency areas due to unprecedented snow storms.

Normally it only snows in northern china, and was actually snowing in Dezhou and the countryside up until the day before I arrived causing me some excitement that I may actually finally see some real snow rather than just ice a few days later, but of course my luck strikes again and it hasn't snowed anywhere i've been yet but has been unseasonally cold in southern parts of china causing major traffic chaos and power outages in areas that don't normally need to deal with these issue and so were fairly unprepared. I think these areas actually normally use solar power but due to the weather their reliance on electricity and coal has increased and there have been some major power issues.

At this stage, this hasn't affected my plans, but I will know more once my tour starts. I noticed a note in the lobby for the tour group that started their tour on the 1st referring to possible changes when they get to Shanghai, but most of the train services are back up to speed to now and by the time I am due to head off down south it is well past spring festival.

One of the reasons this has hit people so hard is that its the busiest week of the year where everyone is trying to get home for family reunions for spring festival. Some train travellers have been told to give up and stay where they are while others are staying near the train station waiting for their chance to get home. Alot of sleeper trains have als been replaced with sitters so that more people can fit on each one.

So at the moment, the weather issues over here haven't affected me yet, there could be some follow on affects to trains I'm due to ctach but I'll know more in the next week or so I guess.

Is it bad to hope that there's still a little bit of bad weather down south so I can see snow or should I hope that the unusual good weather in beijiing and Dezhou was my doing and I will take it south with me :P

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