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Tony's mum and I

Tonys parents and I


I'm falling further behind on my entries so to try and catch back up t o spped the next few days may be a bit shorter than they have been, but I'll do my best.

Some wedding day photos have been posted on facebook and I'll try to link them to my facebook page as soon as I can.

Today we had a bit of a sleep in and then some computer time to try catch up on these entries I keep dropping further behind in. NIkki went up to help Tonys grandmother and mum make some of her favourite (deepfried) dishes for lunch, photos coming.

Again there was stacks of food for lunch, with some dishes ordered in but Nikkis meat filled eaggs and meat and potato sandwich dished where the big winners.

After lunch we headed back to watch some more tv shows (tony slept and snored while Nikki and I watched), there was no more crowned left but we moved on to one of my favourites Numbers (which Nikkis friend Adele actually watches to try and improve her voacbulary while shes in China.

Dinner was another quiet meal with some simple cold dishes, including a fairly normal looking plate of chick (like a red rosster chicken with pieces of just flesh and very few bones) although later I think I noticed the foot was also on the plate. Tonys mum was into the vodka again (only one or two) but she seems to enjoy the sweeter taste of it.

AFter dinner, some more numbers and then it was too cold to stay in nikkis room so my electrically balnketed bed called for an other fairly early night

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